Mar 8, 2013

Imili Ki Chutney (Sweet Chutney)

Imili (or Tamarind or Puli in tamil)  is one of the chief accompaniment in many chats. Its a sweet and sour recipe made with tamarind and jaggery ("bella" in Kannada or "gur" in Hindi).

This recipe has many variations. Some recipes add additional spices like black pepper, garam masala and salt. But my recipe is made with  just 3 ingredients and turned out to be toothsome and scrumptious!!

I also used this chutney as salad dressing and it was delicious.


3/4 cup Tamarind pulp
1 cup Jaggery, grated (otherwise shavings  or small pieces of jaggery should be good)
1/4 tsp Red Chili Powder


  • In a heavy bottom vessel, add 2 tsp of water and jaggery. Melt jaggery until it dissolves completely
  • Now add tamarind pulp and simmer for 10 minutes in medium heat setting, until it gets semi thick
  • Add red chili powder and mix well
  • optional step : After it cools, strain the liquid and discard the content
Tip: you can refrigerate this chutney for up to 10 days or freeze it

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