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Jun 28, 2013

Beautiful Table Top Vase

Summer crafts are interesting. It is something that I love to to do during my free time. So, for this summer I wanted to try a new craft using my kitchen supplies and  jewelry accessories. 

For last winter I had bought honey which came in a glass jar and after it was finished I decided to used it as a spice jar. But that didn't go very well!! 

This honey jar was sitting in counter top for few months with no purpose. So I decided to transform it into dual purpose beautiful table top vase and a pasta container. This project was pretty easy and quick;  hardly took 30 to 40 minutes from start  to finish line.
 To add textures and accessorize, leather cords, leftover yarn and an wooden bangle were used.

All you need is IMAGINATION!! 


Glass jar
Leather cords - purple, orange and green  (length varies depending on your glass jar)
Glue (use industrial strength adhesive)
2' 6'' Wooden bangle
1-2 box of Angel Hair pasta


  • First apply adhesive on your jar starting from top to bottom. Smear adhesive inch by inch so that it doesn't dried up before you start winding your cord

  • Now, start winding your cord below neck from top to bottom

  • Next, apply some glue to the neck of the jar and fix a bangle
  • Decorate it with angel hair pasta sticks

So, for this project, you can also use jute coir and ribbons to add more textures