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Jul 1, 2013

Chicken Drumsticks Pepper Fry

Indian chicken dishes is vast and it has innumerable recipes. I am inspired with Chetinad cuisine because of the wide range of spices used in thier cuisine. And the recipe chicken Chetinad has influenced me to create this recipe.

In this recipe, chicken is slow cooked in a heavy bottom vessel until onions melts down to form thick gravy. Chicken drumsticks are braised with freshly made spice rub. Meat is kept moist, juice and tender. This spice rub is made with roasted coriander seeds, mustard seeds, pepper corns, cumin seeds, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. 


12 Chicken drumsticks
1 pod Garlic, peeled and crushed
4 Green chilies, finely chopped
2 medium sized onions, thinly sliced
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
4 tsp Oil

For spice rub
2 tsp Coriander seeds
1 tsp Cumin seeds
2 tsp pepper corns
2 sticks of Cinnamon
4 Cloves
2 Cardamom pods
1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds


  • In a heavy bottom vessel, roast all the ingredients together in low heat. After it has cooled, grind it into smooth powder

  • In the same vessel, heat oil, add garlic, green chilies and onions.Fry until onions are transparent  Then add turmeric powder

  • Add chicken drumsticks. And cook in medium flame for 15 to 20 minutes

  • Now add spice powder and adjust salt as per taste. In low- medium heat setting, cook chicken for another 20 to 30 minutes until chicken is completely cooked and gravy thickens up

  • Serve hot with steamed rice

Jun 13, 2013

Chettinad Chicken Curry

Chettinad is a region from southern state, TamilNadu in India which is acclaimed for Chettinad cuisine. The Chettinad cuisine is known for one the oldest and traditional cuisines in southern India. Now a days many restaurants include Chettinad recipes in their menu and the most popular recipe is chicken Chettinad. The specialty of this recipe is, masalas are made freshly from  herbs and spices.

I wanted to make spicy and meaty gravy for Idli which is my husband favorite combo. So I decided to make this recipe. This cuisine is known for its authenticy and most of the dishes are peppery which has a very strong taste. In order to make the masala, I gathered different kinds of spices like, cinnamon, cloves, mace, fennel, cumin seeds, pepper, red chilies, and coriander seeds.  A perfect blend of these spices gives it distinct aroma and a  sharp taste.


500gms of Chicken, with bones
10- 12 Pear Onions (sambar onions), thinly sliced
2 Large tomatoes, diced
4 cloves of Garlic
1 piece of Ginger
1 cup Coconut milk
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1 sprig of Curry leaves
3-4 sprig of Cilantro, finely chopped
5 tsp Oil

For the spice mix
2 tsp coriander seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
4 red chilies
1 tsp pepper 
1 stick Cinnamon
2 Cloves
1 Cardamom
1 large piece of Mace


  • Dry roast all the ingredients listed under spice mix. Cool it and grind it to powder

  • Make a paste of ginger, garlic and cilantro

  • In a large pot, heat oil, add ginger-garlic-chili paste. Saute for few seconds and then add onions and curry leaves. Fry until it turns transparent

  • Add tomatoes and turmeric powder. Saute until tomatoes are cooked

  • Next, add ground spice powder and chicken. Mix well and cook for 10 to 15 minutes

  • When chicken is half way done, adjust salt as per taste. Add coconut milk and cook for 15 to 20 minutes

  • Add cilantro and serve hot