Jun 27, 2013

Cabbage Pakoda

This is a  new version of pakoda made with cabbage. It can be easily prepared without any effort. Onion pakodas is a popular appetizer anon different kinds of pakodas. But when onion prices go up, you can always experiments with others vegetables like cabbage, spinach or any kind of mixed veggies. 

Thinly sliced cabbage are spiced up in a rice flour batter and deep fried in hot oil. Usually pakodas are made in chickpea batter. But the recipe below has a new formula. I can bet that you will definetly enjoy it. Its very crusty and crisp. A perfect way to enjoy your evening with this delectable snack !!


1 cup Rice flour
1/2 tsp Red Chili powder
1/4 tsp Asafoetida (hing)
1/2 tsp minced garlic
2-3 cups thibly sliced cabbage
Pinch of Baking soda
Oil for deep frying


  • In a large mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients and adjust salt as per taste. Add very little water to prepare dough. The consistency should be very thick.
  •  In a heavy bottom vessel, heat oil for deep frying
  • Scoop a small portion of pakoda mix and gently leave it in hot oil. Fry evenly on both side
  • Use an absorbent paper to drain excess oil
  • Serve hot with ketchup

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