May 8, 2013

Vegetable Saagu

"Saagu" is a stew made with different kinds of vegetables like carrots, beans, cabbage, potato, bell peppers or cauliflower and seasoned with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chili powder and coriander powder.
This stew tastes best when served with puri. Other combinations include chapathi or roti.

This recipe is my maternal grandmother's recipe. This is one of her recipes that I have included it in my recipe book. It very simple to make and one pot recipe too!!


2 Carrots, cubed
250 gms Cabbage, chopped
1 Bell pepper, diced
250 gms Green beans, chopped
1 Potato, cubed
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1 tsp Cumin seeds
2 Green Chilis, chopped (optional)
1 sprig of Curry Leaves (optional)
3/4 tsp Coriander powder
1/2 tsp Red Chili powder
3 tsp Oil
1/2 cup Freshly Grated coconut (optional)
2 sprigs of Cilantro, chopped (optional)


  • In a pressure cooker, heat oil, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, green chilies and saute for few seconds
  • Add all vegetables - carrots, cabbage, bell pepper, green beans,  and potato. Saute for 3 minutes

  • Add coriander powder and red chili powder

  • Add 1/2 cup water and adjust salt as per taste
  • Pressure cook for 1 or 2 whistles
  • Add freshly grated coconut and cilantro
  • Serve with puri, chapathi or roti

  • Any kind of vegetable can be added in this recipe. If you want to exhaust all veggies from your refrigerator, then this recipe would serve best
  • Also, onion can be added. But I have not used in this recipe

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