Feb 13, 2013

Beetroot Chapathi

I created this recipe when I was bored of eating regular chapathis. The main intention to formulate this recipe is to make it look unusual and funky, and that’s when I taught of making “Beetroot chapathi”. The recipe follows same as regular chapathi , except  that this one has one additional ingredient, that is beetroot.
Additionally, if you can also include other ingredients like ajwain, ground chilli paste, coriander or fenugreek leaves… to add more flavours, robustness and texture to chapathi.


1 Beetroot, Chopped
2 cups of wheat Flour
Water as required
½ tsp Salt
2 tsp Oil


Cook beetroot in pressure cooker up to one whistle and puree them

In a mixing bowl, add beetroot puree, salt and 1 tsp of oil. Stir well. Then add wheat flour and knead the dough.
Add Luke warm water if required.  Finally, add remaining  1 tsp of oil and knead the dough again until the dough is very soft. Allow it to rest for 1 hour

Divide the dough into 8 to 10 parts and then roll each piece into a ball. In a lightly floured surface and using a rolling pin, roll out each ball of dough in a circular shape

Fry the chapathis on a hot griddle or a flat pan until it turns golden brown on both the sides. Smear oil if required else you can leave it dry.
Serve hot.

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