May 31, 2015

Indian Peanut Brittle | Chikki

An old fashioned sugar candy embedded with peanuts. It is called chikki in India which is prepared with just 2 ingredents - Jaggery (or cane sugar) and peanuts. Making chikki is just so much fun, because it is an easy recipe which can be made very quickly.

Chikki is also an excellent holiday gift and made during Indian festivals like Makar Sankranthi. I like to eat it for evening snack.


1 Cup Peanuts
3/4 cup Jaggery (cane sugar)
Oil/ ghee for greasing


  • In a sauce pan, roast peanuts on medium low heat until the skin becomes crispy and separates out ; and brown spots appear in  peanuts. Transfer peanut to a plate and let it cool. Remove skin by rubbing between your palm

  • In the same pan, melt jaggery in low heat until bubbles are formed. Drop a teaspoon of melted jaggery in cold water. If it turns solid immediately or it turns to one thread consistency, then turn off the flame

  • Now add peanuts and mix well

  • Spread it evenly on a greased surface and while it is still warm, cut it into desired shape; and let it cool

  • Store it in cool place in a air tight container

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