May 6, 2014

Onion Juice

My first experience with Onion juice was weird and unusual because of it strong and pungent smell. We normally use onions in cooking for its taste and flavor. But I never taught of including raw onion juice in my diet. Recently, I was unwell due to cold, chillness and cough. My mother-in-law made a concoction of raw onion juice with honey and gave 50 ml of this juice for 3 days. I felt a lot better without taking any medications.

It not only helps to reduce chillness, cold and cough but after researching it further , I came to know that prevents graying of hair and has anticancer properties.  You can use any variety of onions to make this juice. Red onions and shallots are quiet spicy. If you cannot take the heat, then you can use white or yellow onions.

For adults 50 ml of this juice can be given and for kids upto 5ml can be given per day.


1 Onion (red/yellow/white), cubed
1 tsp Honey
1/2 cup of Water


  • Grind onion into a smooth paste using a blender
  • Add water to it and use a strainer to extract juice
  • Add honey and well.
  • Serve immediately

Note: Do not throw the left over onion after straining. You can use it to make curries or soups

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